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Translator review

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Patricia Curtis

Translator review

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Translator iGlot is an app which helps you to talk to foreigners and answer their strange questions in a funny language. It works only online so be sure to have mobile Internet or Wi-Fi nearby. It has unique features like sharing your translations on social media and making the full screen view of the translation.

Interface - 3/5

In the middle of the screen you see a big round button with the app's logo - you translate with it. It's nice that's it's that big, you won't miss it. There two pretty big fields where your texts are shown. It's also good because the fonts are shown bigger this way. On the top right and left there are two menus which is confusing. But after you click them, you realize that on the left menu there are just an English course ad and More Applications icon, also an ad. Don't use the left menu! Go to the right one, there are Settings, Remove Ads, Privacy Policy and Send Feedback. On the bottom of the screen, you can share your translation directly to Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram or another SM. From there you can also copy your translated text.

Features - 3/5

You can change the translated languages with two arrows icon on the bottom right of the top window and on the top right of the bottom window you can put the translated text on a full screen. Does anyone need that really?

Also, on the top right of the top window, you can use Voice Recognition icon which looks like a microphone. It works pretty well and shows all the words you've said.

Usability - 3/5

In the app’s description on Google Play, it says that this app has 100 languages that you can translate to and from online. But their web page says that they have only 40. And some of the reviews say that this app doesn't have or wrongly translates some languages. We don't know all of them, we can't check that. Anyway, another ‘unique’ feature of this app as it states on the website is native accents of each language. That’s a lie! I’ve tried many different languages and it’s obviously the same computer-generated female voice each time. Sometimes there’s male but still, an AI.

Compatibility - 4/5

This translator is available for Android, iOS and Windows phone. It works pretty well on Android if you don't mind the ads. And there a lot of them! Every few times you translate a full-screen ad appears which is very annoying. You can remove ads for about a dollar a month. That's crazy - usually, you purchase an app once, and you will never see any ads again.


It's a bad translator. Too many ads, too generic voices with an annoying interface. Google Translate app is much better because it has more languages, and it can work offline, and it had a photo translation feature. In general, by the app itself and the app's website you can see that it's made by ESL people. It's ok, of course, but kind of makes you doubt the efficiency of translation to English, one of the most common languages in the world. Also, it has a lot of negative reviews about iGlot translator not doing a good job translating other languages.


  • Nice simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Audio-to-text function available


  • Too many ads
  • Awkward interface with two menus
  • Not native accents

Interface 3

Features 3

Usability 3

Compatibility 4

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