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SHAREit - Transfer & Share review

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Patricia Curtis

SHAREit - Transfer & Share review

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In the era of increased social interaction, the ability to share files across devices and platforms is critical. Whether you want to share vacation pictures with your friends who use iPhones and you use an Android device, or it is videos or apps that you want to share across platforms, the SHAREit is the ideal app for you. 

Interface 5/5

One of the most appealing things about the SHAREit app is its interface which is not only appealing but also simple to use. The interface which includes icons, as well as the names of connected devices, offers its users a quick way to send and receive files. Recent updates have seen the development of a new interface and experience that allows users to identify and get popular types of files from their friends’ phones, thus improving interaction. 

Features 4/5

The SHAREit app offers a lot of useful features for sharing files. Besides transferring files fast without the loss of quality, SHAREit has a built-in video player which supports almost all video formats. 

Another useful feature of the app is that it allows users to connect their phones to their computers. The SHAREit allow you to transfer files from the different device, browse through pictures, backup files, and control .ppt files. The SHAREit app also comes with a Share Zone which permits users to easily share files with their friends. This feature gives friends access to files placed in the Share Zone. 

One of the most useful features that come with the app is the utility feature called CLONEit. This feature allows users to clone an android phone without too much hustle. In other words, users get to transfer all apps, files, messages, and contact details without mobile data. To make the deal even sweeter, the app can maximize the number of files you can receive by optimizing the storage space of your phone through the elimination of junk files. 

Usability 4/5

In terms of usability, the SHAREit app is quite easy to use. All the user needs to do is to identify and select the file or data he or she wishes to send, such as music, images, audio or text files, and connect their device to the device of the person with whom they wish to share files. The app uses Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files at a speed of up to 20 Mbps making it almost 200 times faster if compared to Bluetooth transfer. Also, given that it supports dual-channel transfer, users can transfer several files to more than one device simultaneously. This makes the transfer of different files much simpler and saves time. 

Compatibility 5/5 

Compatibility is arguably the strongest point of the SHAREit application. The app works across multiple platforms permitting its users to transfer a wide variety of files. The app uses built-in Wi-Fi as well as preinstalled media players to allow users to share different files across many platforms. In most cases, without the app, such sharing can only be achieved using cell service and internet which can be quite costly. SHAREit also allows sharing files across platforms. The app works with all of the major device categories, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktop PCs, and laptops. It also works on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. In others words, the device you are using does not matter when it comes to using SHAREit.


With growing interconnectivity, file transfer is becoming a major element of our day-to-day interaction. SHAREit offers what is arguably the fastest app with numerous benefits, including compatibility across platforms. The app has a simple but functional interface and allows to share files way faster if compared to Bluetooth file transfer. The tool also allows sending files to several devices simultaneously, thus helps to save time.   

As things stand, SHAREit appears to be one of the best file sharing apps in the market with an incredible transfer speed and compatibility across platforms.  


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports cross-platform sharing
  • No size limit for files to be transferred
  • Fast file transfer.


  • Some of the features are not available on certain platforms.

Interface 5

Features 4

Usability 4

Compatibility 5

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