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QR Code Reader
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QR Code Reader review

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Molly Johnson

QR Code Reader review

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Porting information from the physical to the digital world has always been cumbersome. With technologies like barcodes and QR codes making it easier to bridge the gap, the need to have a scanner that can interpret these codes on the fly becomes even more important. QR Code Scan & Barcode Scanner can help you with that.

Interface 5/5

This QR code scanner looks like it means business from the get-go. The small .apk file is quick to get and install. Upon launch, you will get a demarcated square on your screen and a prompt to place a barcode inside the square to scan it. This is basically all you need to get started. The simplistic approach and focus on getting the job done makes it a valuable tool with a very forgiving user learning curve.

Features 4/5

You don’t have to configure what type of code you are scanning. QR Code Scan & Barcode Scanner automatically detects the code type and deciphers it in a moment. The contents of the code will determine the contextual menu you get after the scan.

If it is a basic code without instructions engraved, you will be given the opportunity to search the web for the product. 

QR codes with extra information that can either be browsed, shared or simply accessed will activate a menu at the very bottom of the screen giving you a chance to act on the gathered information.

For instance, a coupon QR code will automatically ask you to share the coupon or visit the online merchant to redeem the code.

The contextual approach to interpreting QR and barcodes makes this app intelligent but also makes it a mystery since you never really know what it can or cannot do until you scan a specific code and interpret it.

Usability 3/5

I can see myself using this QR and barcode scanner to gain insight into many products, items or barcode/QR code-compliant products. It is a great way to convert info in a hard copy format into an accurate soft form.

However, I had trouble navigating the app. For instance, the settings option is very much hidden and accessing all the hidden features like remember codes, what code to scan and so forth is hard. I’m still trying to figure out how to access the settings page.

Compatibility 4/5

The app will work with devices running Android 4.0 and above. Your phone must also have a camera. The better the camera, the higher your chances of scanning efficiently in poorly lit areas, scanning complex codes with closely spaced bars or patterns and so forth. You will also need an active data connection to the Internet since the app doesn’t have an offline product database.


QR codes and barcodes are here to stay. They are a great way to compress tons of information into a simple but machine-readable pattern that can be shared in printed format. This QR Code Scanner is a decent tool that does a great job at deciphering these codes. It will do a great job if all you want is just to interpret codes and wouldn’t mind searching online using the collected information to learn more about the code you just scanned.

QR code scanner is a great tool that will give you all you need to scan all those QR codes and barcodes and transform them into actionable info. Check it out today.


  • Quick scans without initial configurations
  • Intelligent contextual actions menu depending on what you just scanned
  • Super light and fast 


  • Too many ads that come up after every major action
  • You must use it in a well-lit place for fast scans especially if the code is tightly knit or a bit jagged

Interface 5

Features 4

Usability 3

Compatibility 4

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