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Paltalk - Free Video Chat review

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Katrina Menary

Paltalk - Free Video Chat review

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Paltalk is a social network in which you are in a group chat. You can find chats by interests. Write messages, contact in voice chats, as well as in video calls, discuss music, politics, sports and much more that interests you. Chat with colleagues, friends or new buddies.

Interface - 4/5

Simple and nice interface. On the main screen, there are tabs with which you can find the desired chat. Try yourself in the knowledge of foreign languages, create your own private room in which you can communicate with your colleagues or friends, or you may create a themed room and collect like-minded people. In the tape are pictures, messages, audio and video.

Features - 5/5

The application provides free text, audio and video communications. You can join several chat rooms at the same time. For international calls and messages, you do not need to do additional microtransactions and fees.

The application has a virtual store where you can buy stickers and gifts to give them to your friends and acquaintances. And personalize your page. The shop offers various interesting options on the subject of pop culture, brands and much more. You can send them to other members of the chat with a proposal to meet. When you send a gift, as well as when you receive it, you get points that enhance your status in the community and a member of Paltalk Crown.

Usability - 4/5

Paltalk is useful for those who like to communicate and want to find interesting people to talk to. Chat for free in communities, make calls both in general chat rooms and in private messages and personal chat rooms. The application updates its functions, developers relatively often download updates.

Compatibility - 4/5

The application can be used in addition to the mobile device, you can install it on the tablet, the desktop of the laptop. To use the app, you should use 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi. Paltalk can work on the background of your mobile device. It works on mobile devices based on Android and iOS. Now you can read, listen and watch your favorite room from any device available to you.


A good application that allows you to chat for free with various users on topics that interest you. It is easy to find rooms in which you can find new interlocutors, and maybe even friends. Create private and public rooms. Moreover, if you do not want to be in one chat, you can quickly move to another chat.


  • Free text messages, audio, video
  • The possibility of creating private and public rooms
  • A wide international community with a local flavor
  • Great opportunities for starting new hobbies
  • High-quality video


  • Problems with connecting to the Internet, but this can only depend on the signal strength
  • Produces a rather weak moderation of content and users, therefore, it is not recommended to allow children to sit in this application. Or, make sure that the child is only in children's rooms

Interface 4

Features 5

Usability 4

Compatibility 5

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