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My Elevation review

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Patricia Curtis

My Elevation review

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My Elevation uses a web service to get a more accurate definition of the surface depending on your location. This application works more accurately than the built-in location software.

Interface - 4/5

The app is a map where you can choose one of four available modes: Normal, Satellite, Topo, Hybrid. Externally, it is like Google Maps. On the left, it is a sliding menu which contains a list of tabs and functions. There are the virtual buttons that increase and decrease the map the lower right corner that shows your location, and a panorama of the place.

Features - 4/5

This application is capable of showing elevation above sea level, based on latitude and longitude. This feature will not work if you are on a plane or high in a building or for other reasons being high off the ground.

To work, you must have a permanent connection to the Internet for data transfer to be able to show your location. With this, you will get a precise definition of height, as well as open additional functions of the application.

In the most common visiting points on the map, the tab with interesting information about the sights opens.

You can enable the Fallou MI function of your current location in real time. You can watch your movements on the map, as well as see your altitude and update coordinates of how you move.

You can view the weather conditions in the place where you are going to move.

Bookmark interesting places on your mobile device. Share your location with your friends in messages and email.

Usability - 5/5

The application is suitable for travelers and people planning their vacation. A nice addition in the form of articles from the sights will delight avid lovers of hiking. You can see the route on the map in advance using various map modes.

Compatibility - 5/5

This application is distributed on devices that support the Android system. Compatible with phones and tablets. For more efficient work, it uses Google Analytics to collect information from anonymous data. In this case, it is taken into account how the application is used and what failures occur. This allows application developers to correct errors without the need to fill out forms about the presence of bugs.


Good application. Suitable for travelers, tourists and enthusiasts of virtual maps. Interesting functionality, various possibilities to determine your location and share with your friends. An interesting feature of the application is to show the map in four modes: Normal, satellite, topographic, hybrid. You can also set the night mode, top view and 3D mode.


  • Convenient design
  • Good functionality
  • Ability to build a route and share a location with friends


  • A permanent internet connection is required
  • It does not measure the height while in the building, elevator, plane or other artificial heights

Interface 4

Features 4

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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