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Minecraft review

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Patricia Curtis

Minecraft review

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Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game made by Mojang in 2011, available for Android devices. Minecraft welcomes you to the yet uncreated world full of possibilities. You can become a founder of a new civilization, build castles, cities, villages, or you can fight against evil creatures and survive.

Minecraft is the owner of multiple awards. Last time it was nominated in 2018 at the Kid’s Choice Awards. It is one of the biggest commercial success of Mojang.

Gameplay - 5/5

Minecraft’s main attraction is its gameplay and numerous modes you can choose from. It has creative, survival, adventure, spectator and multiplayer modes. Each of them requires different skills and offer you various levels of challenges.

You can either play from the perspective of first-person or check the third-person option. Everything in this game is made of blocks. So, all the sources you need will be represented as blocks, no matter if it is water, lava or rocks. You can gather them and build whatever you want. There are some sources you have to collect for your survival.

The game world is big and ready to explore. But be careful in Survival mode, as there are numerous dangers outside waiting for you. Your resources will be limited as well there. In the Creative mode, you may completely concentrate on building and crafting without feeling hunger. Adventure mode allows you to explore the map, and in spectator mode you don’t even have to interact with the world, watching other players.

Controls - 5/5

Minecraft has a user-friendly interface and easy to navigate controls. It is better to try Creative mode for the first time. But even if you want to start with Survival mode, you will quickly learn mechanics. On your left side, you see icons with pointers. Tap to change direction there if you need it. Below are the items you have already collected, on the right hand is an icon for rotation, swipe it to turn whenever you want. Press the icon above to put the game on pause or to receive information. You can also see the energy you have and the lives numbers you have above, in the right and left corners.

Lasting Appeal - 5/5

Minecraft is an everlasting game. There are lots of opportunities inside every mode you choose. Besides, developers constantly add something new into the game, like new creatures or new abilities. Only recently they added the creature that looks like a fox, and the ability to copy-paste buildings.

Difficulty level

You can take control over the difficulty of the game. It is up to you whether you want to live peacefully there or fight zombies. But in every mode, the challenges level raises according to your skills. It makes the game interesting.


While Minecraft offers you an entertaining building opportunity, the game is constructor as well. You can’t simply follow the rules, as the game offers you to make these rules yourself with the help of its various modes. Vivid pixel-style graphics are a unique signature of the Minecraft world. And even though it does not have any detailed created sceneries, millions of fans worldwide find its art amazing.

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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