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Microsoft Word review

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Patricia Curtis

Microsoft Word review

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Microsoft Word is now available in the Play Market and AppStore. You may ask: isnLayout and design are almost exactly the same as in the PC version of the app. Of course, you may say that Office app by Microsoft was already developed. Well, it was Office Mobile with a very limited feature set. Now let’s take a look at Microsoft Word with extended capabilities.

Interface - 4.5/5

Developers implemented some changes to fit a smartphone screen. The famous Office sidebar is accessible by clicking to the left side of your phone. A “ribbon” for formatting is here too. However, it’s now situated at the bottom. You can summon it just by tapping at the bottom of your smartphone. The UI (interface) is user-friendly, clean and is made in minimalistic style. Zooming function works very well which makes your work with the small objects in the document almost effortless.

Features - 5/5

Unless you’re an iPad Pro owner, all the basic features are here for free. In the ribbon, you can change the formatting of the text or styles and much more. Moreover, don’t forget to customize your ribbon to get rid of functions you don’t use so often.

In a paid version of Microsoft Word, there is an option to track and review all of the made changes. You can create custom headers and footers; add additional pages in the middle of the text. Also, you gain access to some advanced features of PowerPoint.

Usability - 4/5

We should be realistic: there is no way you can perform serious business tasks on a regular basis just in the mobile version of Microsoft Word. It lacks multitasking because the app is able to open only one document at a time. You may wait for loading of the document longer than you are used to. The set of features is broad but limited. Still, it’s an amazing choice to do small tasks on the go.

Compatibility - 5/5

Microsoft Word spans from Windows and Android to iPhone and iPad. All users of those platforms can experience all basic functions for free. But for iPad Pro owners there is a 30-day free trial with a complete set of features. Afterwards, they must either buy an Office 365 subscription (which costs from 7$ per month) or find another app for their needs. Obviously, you can work with documents from different devices thanks to Cloud Drive.


Let’s be honest you probably won’t be spending plenty of time in the mobile version of Microsoft Word. It’s more than qualified for making quick edits to files and other basic tasks. Almost full necessary features are there in the free version.  Yes, there are many apps in the AppStore and Play Market that are able to do writing and editing faster, but Microsoft is classic and will remain it for a long time.


  • accessible from any device
  • rich editing tools
  • great capability to customize writing or editing experience


  • take some time to load documents and process them
  • in last updates, the interface has become more complex and not so easy to use.

Interface 4

Features 5

Usability 4

Compatibility 5

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  • I don't think much of this new update-----lost everything in the folder. Email microsoft they are no help at all. I don't why they have to change something that worked for this that don't work.
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  • What is Microsoft doing? I lost my Office Suite Powerpoint, Word etc and had to pay $75 to a technician to retrieve it for me It took him 2 and a half hours. Now, 3 weeks later Microsoft has done another update and I've lost my office again. I am trying to do some important work and I am a pensioner. I am EXTREMELY ANNOYED.
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  • I thought at first that my laptop was going crazy when the mobile app for word came out. The download went successfully then it pops up threw the compatibility hot spot off my phone I was like whoa! I'm still trying to figure out how to get the scroll bar to grasp things.
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  • I have lost the ability to open up in Word or to type and print letters. I have been quite unable to gain any support to regain my facility and have no idea what to do about it.
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    • 14
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  • I have Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac. On May 16th, when I opened Word in Print Layout, I only got a half page and had to pull it down to get it all. I have since had two chat sessions with Microsoft for a total of about three hours and they tell me the only way to get the full page is to open Word so it covers the whole screen. I have never heard such an absurd response in my life. There is no problem with Excel or Power Point. They open in the normal manner but there is something seriously wrong with how the Word is acting and at least two of their representatives have no clue.
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