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Microsoft Excel review

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Patricia Curtis

Microsoft Excel review

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Microsoft Excel is a worldwide known spreadsheet program for analyzing data, building charts and running formulas.

Interface - 4/5

The interface is almost identical to the PC version of Microsoft Excel. Obviously, there have been made some changes toward smartphones. The zooming tool is well-balanced, drag controls are responsive. The selection tool works fine too. Yet if you’re an owner of certain types of Android tablet, you have a chance to encounter some slight inconveniences. The interface here is quite cramped.

Features - 4/5

All Excel features on mobile platforms are quite robust. You have access to them all when you’ve subscribed to Office 365.  The features of the app include several charts and the tools to customize them. There are plenty of color schemes and layouts. Microsoft Excel will suggest a perfect chart type depending on the data you’ve inserted. In the premium version, you can track the changes and review them. It’s a great option for collaborative use.

Microsoft Excel mobile app is capable of:

  • creating charts;

  • adding comments to them;

  • sort and filter rows and columns;

  • freezing panes;

  • searching with the spreadsheets;

  • editing and formatting the input in the cells;

  • performing formulas, etc.

Nevertheless, the app has certain limitations. You won’t be able to add rows and columns anywhere but only at the edge of the document. It’s impossible to delete columns and rows and rearrange them. Keep in mind, multitasking in Microsoft Excel on mobile platforms is not a thing. You can work only on one tab. Also, the app doesn’t support splitting one spreadsheet and displaying two parts of it all at once.

Usability - 4/5

Microsoft Excel on Android and iOS isn’t nearly as powerful as the app’s PC version. Yes, you can use basic formatting and formulas but for more complex projects you should have a PC around. Moreover, the mobile version takes too much space on smartphones. Considering the tendency of most mobile platforms to install applications into the internal memory of the device, the size of Excel may be a problem. To sum up, this app is very useful for making quick changes to existing documents. Don’t expect too much from it.

Compatibility - 5/5

Microsoft Excel is available for Windows, Android, and iOS. It’s free on mobile devices although the full set of features is presented better on PC. The app has almost 5 stars both on the AppStore and the PlayMarket. Also, if you install CloudDrive, the file transition becomes faster and easier.


If you need to edit Excel spreadsheets on a regular basis, have sufficient space in the internal memory of your device, then Microsoft Excel is a good choice. Otherwise, there are plenty of other apps for viewing spreadsheets which are lighter, and their performance is smoother.


  • most useful Excel options are free
  • familiar interface: there’s no need to get used to a new layout
  • support of OneDrive cloud.


  • certain functions are available only via Office 365 subscription
  • on Android tablets the interface is unproportioned.

Interface 4

Features 4

Usability 4

Compatibility 5

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