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MediBang Paint - Make Art ! review

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Patricia Curtis

MediBang Paint - Make Art ! review

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Mediabang Paint is a free and powerful tool for painting and comic creating. In the app’s toolkit, there are more than 50 brushes and other materials. Mediabang Paint is a cross-platform application aimed at manga creators.

Interface - 5/5

Artists say that the Mediabang Paint looks like Manga Studio Pro, but the interface here is more simple and appealing. Although it’s very intuitive, the developers implemented a quick tutorial on the program. Moreover, the interface is adaptive. It’s possible to customize your working panel, declutter it and configure most frequently used tools and the effects.

Features - 5/5

You gain access to the cloud services once you’re registered a new Mediabang Paint account. Most of the drawing tools are just similar to Photoshop. There are eye dropper, gradient, transform, magic wand, comic panel, crop, etc. In each of the tool, there is a menu with multiple properties that you can change or configure the way you like it.

Also, the selection tool is quite advanced. You are given the choice what kind of shape to make your selection: a polygon, an eclipse or maybe free form shape. By the way, it’s another Photoshop legacy.

Furthermore, a comic creation panel provides a large number of templates. But you can create your own paddings between cells. You can decide the order in which they are situated on the canvas.

There are several options of saving too: MDP format, TIFF, PSD (layers support included), JPEG, PNG.

As for palm rejection, it works flawlessly on iPad Pro but has some slight issues on smaller devices. If you noticed problems with this function, we recommend you to turn on “strict palm rejection” which enables the app to recognize only the stylus. Pressure sensitivity is also very decent, but you need to set up your Wacom or Adonit styluses very carefully first.

Usability - 5/5

Mediabang Paint is quite friendly both to newbies and skilled artists. If you’re new, complete the tutorial and try to draw the first thing you can think of. Don’t fret; the built-in pen correction tool will smooth all imperfection in the lining. The support of all existing platforms and cloud gives you an opportunity to create the art everywhere without radically changing your kit.

Compatibility - 5/5

The app is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhone at no charge. It’s also compatible with a pen tablet. For PC and Mac versions the controls’ shortcuts are almost similar to the ones in Photoshop. E is Eraser, B is for Brush, and square brackets [] are responsible for changing the brushes’ size.


A set of function that one would expect of a paid app, the slight and absolutely not annoying ad presence, cloud support in just one app. Isn’t Mediabang paint a perfect free digital canvas?


  • cloud sharing provides an opportunity to collaborate with other artists
  • the app is free and isn’t dragged down by ads
  • huge collection of pre-installed fonts
  • clean and uncluttered interface


  • a Mediabang account is required to get access to all features
  • some users consider the interface quirky and too complex to navigate

Interface 5

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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