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Magnifier + Flashlight review

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Molly Johnson

Magnifier + Flashlight review

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With this app, your phone turns into a magnifying glass. Now you can view even the smallest symbols and pictures. You can view items without wearing glasses.

Interface - 5/5

The interface is a camera view. On the right side of the screen is a virtual menu that allows you to control the camera, depending on the need, you can switch between modes for more convenient viewing of small objects. Also, you can move the slider to zoom in and out on the right side of the screen. If it is necessary, you can zoom in or out the camera with the volume up and down buttons. To improve image clarity, you can tap on the screen with your finger to set the camera to a specific point.

Features - 5/5

The application uses a camera to zoom in on small objects. It uses the full potential of the camera. Therefore, Magnifier can be used by visually impaired people, people who need to solder small parts and just inquisitive children. This app has several modes of operation, one of which is using the camera as a magnifying glass along with a flash. Also,there are properties of high frame rate to transmit the image through the camera with high accuracy. Since Magnifier uses the camera, you can use the capture function. This function improves the clarity of the image by adjusting the camera lens. And also for people with color perception problems, a special function is included that allows you to turn on the screen with an inverted color rendition. You can also freeze and thaw an image.

Usability - 5/5

Use the application to increase small text images. Use for soldering, cleaning small. Let your child explore the world with this app. Create thumbnails by viewing them through the magnifying glass of this app. Do not be afraid if you can not see clearly the image, there are functions for enhancing clarity. Also,  there is the possibility of inverting the colors of the image, which is useful for people with impaired color rendering. If your hands are shaking and you cannot focus on the image, Magnifier has functions to freeze and defrost the image.

Compatibility - 5/5

This application can be used on devices that support the Android platform. Unfortunately, this application is not available on mobile devices on the IOS and Windows platforms. You can download this application on phones and tablets, but it is relatively more convenient to use a magnifying glass application on your phone.


If you need for work or under circumstances of visual impairment to look at small text or drawings, then this application will allow you to feel more comfortable. Now you do not need to get points to read, use the app constantly.


  • The ability to freeze the image
  • Possibility to focus the image
  • Turn on the flash
  • Capture image
  • Ability to change color reproduction


  • A magnifying glass will only work well with a high-resolution camera
  • Due to the large magnification, there may be problems with focusing the camera and shaking it

Interface 5

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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