Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Hamro Nepali Keyboard
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Hamro Nepali Keyboard review

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Molly Johnson

Hamro Nepali Keyboard review

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Hamro Nepali Keyboard is the most popular application for typing in Nepali. You can download it from AppStore and Play Market.

Interface - 5/5

The interface is nothing more than you would expect from a keyboard. It’s neat, good-looking and easy to set up. For instance, to turn on Hamro Nepali Keyboard, you should go to the Android keyboard settings and enable “Hamro keyboard” there. Choose the Hamro keyboard as the default keyboard if you’re going to write in Nepali. However, you still are able to use an English keyboard directly in the app.

Features - 5/5

The feature set is sufficient for this type of application. Mainly, Hamro Nepali Keyboard provides several writing modes and predictive type in two modes. Let’s look at it closer.

In the first mode, you can write Nepali words in the Roman alphabet using phonetic transcription. The app transforms the text you’ve typed to Nepali Unicode directly. The second mode features typing on the Nepali keyboard. If the default keyboard set up as Nepali, you will see the Nepali characters that are listed in the layout. The Nepali characters are arranged in a way you would see in the most popular Nepali fonts such as Kantipur or Priti.

A mixed mode allows you to see both English and Nepali characters, but if you decide to type something, the only option is Nepali characters. Last but not least is plain English keyboard where you are able to write only in English.

Finally, the dictionary feature is very handy. It works in two modes in English and Devanagari script. The point of this feature is simple: it suggests you the word you’re probably writing now. And if you have made a mistake, the dictionary would make a suggestion on how to correct it.

Usability - 4/5

You won’t need to use your computer to type Nepali characters anymore with this app. Also, many “type in” sites don’t have a dictionary feature which is presented in Hamro Nepali keyboard and comes in handy so often.

Furthermore, in last updates, the app received a sticker, emoji and theme support. Select from Light and Dark themes. The stickers include the famous Nepali fictional characters such as Nepali Para, Hamro Kanchi, etc.

Compatibility - 5/5

All of us who love the Nepali language can use Hamro Nepali Keyboard both on their Android and Apple devices. The rating of the app in the Play Market is slightly higher though (3,9 VS 4,3).


It’s a perfect application for typing in Nepali fast and efficiently. The developers are consistently supporting Hamro Nepali Keyboard releasing updates and implementing new features on a regular basis. This app is free and takes a little space on smartphones. Now Hamro Nepali Keyboard is the best Nepali keyboard presented on the mobile platforms.


  • the app converts Roman alphabets to Devanagari
  • it’s compatible both with iOS and Android
  • emoji and themes support.


  • only 2 keyboards allowed at the same time: no option to switch to another keyboard right in the app
  • small size of English letters.

Interface 5

Features 5

Usability 4

Compatibility 5

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