Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V review

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Patricia Curtis

Grand Theft Auto V review

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Who hasn't heard about GTA V - one of the best action games on the market? So versatile, so intense, so scandalous. Live the life that you hopefully won't be able to ever have - the life of a criminal. Enjoy a massive interactive city of San Andreas, steal and drive cool rides, complete challenging and dangerous missions.

Graphics and Sound - 4/5

The graphics in this game are more average than unique and beautiful. The gameplay compensates this little flaw. It's not that the graphic designers did a bad job, no. It's just that you probably won't talk about how GTA looks on some forums - you'll forget about it.

Gameplay - 5/5

GTA is the best game of the genre. You have here main and side quests and missions with elements of a race and a shooter. You can just walk around San Andreas and find secret locations and places and get some perks out of them like extra cash or some goodies.  30 miscellaneous activities with a chance to interact with an alien, UFO or a monster. You can find pieces of nuclear waste or a submarine, have a tattoo or just a new haircut. All this makes your gaming experience even more enjoyable and fun.

Maybe you won't even have time for extra activities and Easter eggs because the main plot is super rich and time-consuming. In the offline PS game, you'll play for 3 characters who are criminals, of course. Sometimes you need all of them to complete a guest, sometimes one or two. Anyway, their lives are intertwined in the game, and the plot can't move until all of them play their part. You can play up to 30 characters and join massive Rockstar games community online, but that’s another story.

Controls - 4/5

The controls aren’t difficult especially if you play on PC. On PlayStation, the controls might get little overwhelming, but you’ll get used to it, this game’s worth it. Every button (from 17 of them) on your controller is important so better be quick to get the hang of them. Especially it's tough to fly a chopper with your controller, and you'll definitely need to do it in GTA V.

Lasting Appeal - 5/5

There are around 40 Earth hours of the main story. Seems not too much if you play non-stop. There are many more hours if you play online. Plus various side missions and surprises you can experience in this game. It's impossible to not get back to playing it.

Difficulty Level

GTA V is definitely not an easy game. It makes it even more special. Some missions you'll have to go through over and over in order to complete them. It's very classic for all GTA games. Oh, you'll cry and swear so much because how hard it is at times, you just can't. But an extra controller because you'll probably break the existing one.


Amazing, fulfilling game on so many levels. Here you have even choices which affect the game's ending. What can be more than to awake your antagonist and commit crimes? Kill people, steal cars, rob businesses - enjoy your criminal life! The open world in GTA makes it even more fun and interesting.


  • A lot of side missions
  • The game has a plot and a story
  • You can effect on the game's end


  • Average graphics
  • You can't stop playing it
  • A lot of violence

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 4

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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