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Google Sheets review

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Molly Johnson

Google Sheets review

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An application that will solve the problems of maintaining joint documents in Excel format. Now there is no need to send tables via email. You can conduct all the necessary calculations online, create as many tables as you need. Work in the document on your own or with colleagues.

Interface - 4/5

The application has a standard interface for Excel. Designed in white and green colors. On the main screen are open documents for today, this month and this year. In the upper left corner is a virtual button that opens the application management menu. In the lower right corner, there is a button for creating a new document.

Features - 5/5

Work online, open access to your colleagues, friends, or clients to work with a joint document. Create and edit tables. Work even without an internet connection. Also in the application, you can add comments and respond to them. You can format cells, enter and sort data, insert charts and formulas, and use many other functions. Do not be afraid to lose the result of work, because changes to documents are saved automatically. The application also has the ability to ask questions about data in tables to quickly apply formatting and embed diagrams using the Data Analysis functions. In addition to creating documents, you can view, open, edit and save Microsoft Excel files.

Open to edit or view other users. And also you can open access to documents by e-mail.

Usability - 5/5

The application may be used in various areas of life. Use the online app to manage collaborative projects with your colleagues and clients. Or plan things with your friends. Keep personal accounting, make schedules for the whole family.

Compatibility - 4/5

Google Sheets works on devices supporting the Android platform. You can download the application on your phone, tablet and also install a special app for your computer or work directly in the browser. At the same time, a Google account and a place on your Google disk are used for synchronisation between all devices. It's only necessary to take into account that all updates of documents occur automatically when connected to the Internet.


Great application for working on Excel tables. Now you can work online and offline. Together with colleagues and customers or for their own purposes. The app is convenient to work on various devices ranging from phone and tablet, ending with a personal computer. Create, edit, save, modify tables anytime, anywhere. Add comments, respond to them. Put questions and solve them together.


  • There are all the functions of Excel
  • You can work offline and online
  • Easily sync across devices


  • You can not use the application in some countries
  • Periodic problems in the code

Interface 4

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 4

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