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Find My iPhone review

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Molly Johnson

Find My iPhone review

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Phones can be expensive, and the information they contain can be quite sensitive. That is why Apple’s Find My iPhone is a critical tool for locating your phone whenever it is lost or stolen. 

Interface 4/5

The beauty of the Find My iPhone app is in its simple interface which makes it easy to use. Whenever you have misplaced your device, all you need to do is head over to two-factor authentication screen where you can tap on the Find My iPhone link at the bottom of the screen to get directly to the Find My iPhone map interface.

The Find My iPhone interface will guide you through the process of determining, locking or erasing your phone memory. There is also an option for activating an acoustic signal to help locate the device. 

Features 5/5

The Find My iPhone app was developed to help locate Apple devices. The main feature of the app allows users to find their iPhones, iPads, Mac or any Apple device on a map. Another useful feature allows its users to play an acoustic signal for about two minutes at full volume which works even if you had set your device to silent mode. In case you suspect theft, there is another feature that allows users to lock their devices remotely using a passcode and even show a custom message on the device’s lock screen. 

An additional security option, although one that should be used as a last resort, allows you to remotely erase all of the settings and content on your device. Caution is needed here since once you delete the content, you will not be able to recover the information.

For devices using the sixth edition of iOS or newer, there is a Lost Mode option that allows receiving driving directions towards the present location of the device. These incredible features are not just limited to your personal devices. Actually, you can enable a family tracking feature that allows you to track the phones of your friends and family members by yourself. 

Usability 5/5

Usability is a big win for the Find My iPhone app. The tracking app is quite simple and easy to use. If one loses an Apple device, all they need to do is use another iOS gadgets to locate the lost device and protect their data.

You simply need to install this free app on the other device, sign in using your Apple ID, and Find My iPhone app will assist you to find your device on a map, trigger an acoustic sound, lock it remotely or erase all of the settings and data on the device. 

Compatibility 4/5

A major drawback of the app is that it is only compatible with Apple devices. However, this is because the app has been created for use on iOS platforms. Nonetheless, the app can be used to locate various Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple Watch. An internet connection is needed to establish the whereabouts your device. 


iPhones and other Apple devices are quite pricey, although it is not just the money you need to worry about when you misplace your device. In this era of cyber insecurity and data theft, device content can be quite costly if it falls into the wrong hands.

The Find My iPhone app solves this security problem allowing you to locate your device. And in case it has been stolen, it enables you to erase all data on the device. For all users of Apple devices, this app is a must-have. 

For users of Apple devices, Find my iPhone is definitely the best app as it’s designed to ensure the safety of their phone. 


  • It is free
  • Very easy to use
  • 100% effective for finding lost devices


  • It cannot be used to find a device that doesn’t have the app already installed on it

Interface 4

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 4

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