Quick Fixes For Windows 10 Missing Icons

Microsoft launched Windows 10 to eliminate several GUI bugs issues in previous version 8. With the new start menu, there are some modifications in performance as well. If you happen to find Desktop icons missing on your Windows 10, you are not alone as this problem is very common with the current Windows version. We know it is irritating to see the desktop screen becoming blank suddenly without any reason. Users used to save a lot of stuff on their desktops, and this issue caused their frustration. This article presents some tips and tricks to help you fix this annoying issue.

Try These Methods

You don’t have to try all of these, just work your way down the list until you find one that solves your issue.

Method #1: Use “Show Desktop icons” method.

You can unhide all desktop icons in Windows by turning on the “Show Desktop icons” option. Your desktop screen shows the icons built into the operating system by default. While you want to hide or delete the unnecessary icons temporarily or permanently, it is frustrating to see that other useful icons have gone missing too. If you tried hiding some icons and, as a result, all of Windows 10 desktop icons gone missing, you can restore your desktop icons by simply turning on “Show Desktop icons”. The method is pretty easy to follow, all you have to do is:

  • Step 1: On your Windows 10 screen, just right-click (or press and hold) the blank display and select “View option”;
  • Step 2: after you click this option, it points to another sub-tab, showing several choices for managing desktop icons. You need to navigate the sub-tab and check the last option “Show desktop icons”. It should be ticked, if not, then select it to make it ticked.

This technique is widely used to get the hidden icons back. Check your screen, all the missing desktop icons should be there. However, if you were unable to right-click on the blank desktop screen, please scroll down to use other methods to get your icons back.

Method #2: Use Desktop Icons settings:

This is another simple technique to fix the problem of missing Windows desktop icons. If you have not deleted them, these Windows 10 icons may be hidden. This easy way will help you unhide these in Windows 10 using “Settings”. All you need to do:

  • Step 1: simply right-click on your blank desktop screen to select the “Personalization” option. If you are unable to do so, you can also click Start - Settings – Personalization;
  • Step 2: you need to choose “Themes”, and further select “Desktop icon settings”;
  • Step 3: Under these settings, you can freely select what kinds of desktop icons you want to restore or show on your Windows 10 screen. After you made the selection, click “Apply” and “OK” to implement the new changes.

If the first method was unsuccessful, this easy way would surely restore the Windows 10 desktop icons.

Method #3: Turn off the tablet mode

Hidden Windows desktop icons can be restored by turning off the Tablet mode, especially if one has a touch screen. If you have one, it will have two screen modes — Desktop Mode and Tablet Mode. There is a possibility that your desktop icons aren’t shown properly as your Windows 10 is currently in the Tablet mode. Simply turn off this mode to see if you got all your icons back by following these steps:

  • Step 1: First of all, find and click “Start” and then “Settings” to open the tab containing Windows 10 settings;
  • Step 2: Further proceed to click “System” to open the system settings window, and click on the “Tablet Mode” from the left panel;
  • Step 3: Turn off tablet mode status.

This is another useful trick to resolve the missing icons issue.

Method #4: Run SFC command

SFC (File Checker System) is a built-in command to help Windows users scan and repair the corrupted system files. If system corruption has caused this issue, SFC Scannow can help restore these icons. You need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Press the Windows logo and R keys simultaneously to open the Command Prompt. Type cmd in the rub box and press Enter. Make sure that you are running this command as the administrator. You can also press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys simultaneously after
  • you type cmd to run the command as administrator;
  • Step 2: in the Command prompt window, type this line: sfc /scannow, and press Enter.

Do not close the window or type anything unless the SFC scan process is completed. After it is finished, check again whether the issue of missing Desktop icons has been fixed or not.

Retrieving lost Windows 10 Desktop files

We helped you in restoring the hidden Windows 10 desktop icons where some of these may be the folder containing files. There is a chance that some of these files stored under a folder icon on your desktop may be lost. If you deleted these folders, you might need to check the Recycle Bin. If this is not the case, and these files are still lost even after the icons have been restored, let us help you in retrieving the lost files and data with the help of the best software for data recovery.

We highly recommend using “MiniTool Power Data Recovery” — a free program that can recover any lost or accidently deleted file from your PC’s hard drive, solid-state drives (SSDs), flash drives, CDs, DVDs, digital camcorder, cameras, flash memory cards, USB drivers, music video players, and so on. It is an extremely powerful and clean data recovery program for getting back important data as a result of reformatting, deleting, virus attacks, OS crashes, hard drive failures, data corruption, etc.

This program is safe to use, and you can install it for absolutely free on PC running Windows 7 or higher as well as on Mac OS X versions 10.5 and higher. To recover your lost data, simply follow these three steps below:

  • Step 1: Install and launch the software: The first step is to launch the file recovery software for Windows 10. Simply click the MiniTool
  • Power Data Recovery software to get into the main screen. Select “This PC” option from the left column. You will be asked to select a particular drive or portion of your PC. After you make a selection, select the “Scan” button to initiate the scanning process for files recovery;
  • Step 2: Preview and recover lost files: You will be able to browse, view, and recover the lost data in the scan result tab after the tool has finished the scanning process. While there may be many files, use the “Find” option to quickly search a lost file or folder by name. You can also “Filter” the results by file extensions, size range, date of creation, etc. Another option “Show Lost Files” will only present the missing files in the scan result;
  • Step 3: Retrieve the lost data in Windows 10 PC: once you have previewed and selected all the files and folders you need, simply click the “Save” option. You will be asked to choose a destination folder to save the retrieved files. We advise using a different drive or partition to save the recovered data to avoid data overwriting.

This is the easiest technique to retrieve the lost or deleted files on your Windows 10 PC.

The list of ways to fix Windows 10 hidden desktop icons does not end here. You can try:

  • Fixing this problem by running the CHKDSK command;
  • Rebuilding the icon cache Windows 10;
  • Using the “Reset this PC” icon;
  • Performing a “System Restore” to recover lost desktop icons.

Recovering missing icons from Windows 10 taskbar

If the icons went missing from the taskbar of your Windows 10 PC then SFC or DSIM can fix this problem:

  • You need to press Windows + R keys simultaneously. The Run box will pop up, type cmd to open and run command prompt. Make sure you open the command prompt as administrator. Type sfc /scannow and click the “Enter” button from your keyboard. The System File Checker will scan and fix Windows 10 issues;
  • It this method could not fix your issue, try another command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and click the “Enter” button from your keyboard.

You can reboot your computer to check if the missing icons issue is fixed or not.

Moving Desktop Icons on Windows 10 Issue

If you are unable to move the icons of Windows 10 PC, don’t worry as we have a fix for this problem too.

  • Try pressing Esc key thrice;
  • Right-click on any blank space on your desktop’s screen and select “View”. From the sub-tab, uncheck Auto arrange icons;
  • Using the “View” option, you can also consider changing the icons’ size;
  • Try turning off the Tablet mode;
  • Try the method explained above to Troubleshoot, the system restore can also resolve this issue.

Found the one that works for you?

These tricks are usually helpful in retrieving missing Windows 10 Desktop icons and files. There may be a case of data loss or other errors due to this issue. We recommend following the data recovery guide with the help of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Let us know which trick was useful in your case by sharing your experience in the comments section to help other readers. We will be glad if you share this informative article on social media to help us reach many people having the same issues.

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