Top Security and Privacy Apps This Summer

Nowadays, our mobile devices are able to contain even more data compared to our desktops. It is very convenient to have anything you need within reach, and producers do their best to meet the customers’ expectations. Modern smartphones with Android operating systems allow to run a business on the go, work remotely, develop any project, communicate, watch streaming content, capture and store pictures, and play online games. As a result, you have plenty of private and confidential information on your device which requires protection of high level. The dangers are Trojans, Malware, trackers, and primitive thieves – we can continue but there is no sense.

Everybody agrees that mobile security is vital not only because your secrets can be revealed by thigh parties, but also because of other security threats causing loss of important data. Those threats are becoming more powerful and smarter, and you need tools being able to cope with them. Internal security options available on your device are not enough. You need additional apps enhancing the protection. We suggest you just some of them to choose in accordance with your preferences.

360 Mobile Security

360 Mobile Security Android app screenshot

It works even when you have already noticed the signs of a malware infection on your device. Install it quickly and enjoy the quality. It is really good being able to deliver the smoothest free experience with a perfect result. Though, if you do not like all-in-one tools you can look for something else. It is true that it is packed with features and can be a little bit cluttered with unnecessary options. Still, we recommend ignoring this drawback as someone may think and use this app because it is really cool as to protection.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security Android app screenshot

Everybody knows Kaspersky. It is time proved and efficient, so you can trust in it. Perhaps, you even have it on your desktop or mobile device. It is ranked at a high position among other Android security apps in accordance with AV-Test. Its basic version is free, but you can subscribe to get more advantages of it. The premium version delivers call blocking and phishing protection.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security Android app screenshot

If you do care about generally accepted choice, you should turn your attention to free Avast, which is supposed to be one of the best apps for Android dealing with viruses. It is also rich in additional options, but the key task is performed with a perfect result. It protects your smartphone from threats you didn’t even know existed blocking malware in real time and allowing to scan them in a manual mode. It removes Trojan completely, protects from phishing. You can set permissions for certain applications. The software is rather easy to use and available in over 20 languages. 


Telegram Android App

If VoIP is not needed for you and security is still important. Apply Telegram which supports group chats and one-on-one communication. You will find it look just like WhatsApp, but its functionality is more diverse and features are more useful. A pleasant moment is that you can sync the stored content across all the devices you want because it is kept on the cloud. The messages sent via the app are encrypted and can be self-destructed if you set the timer.


Linphone Android mobile app screenshot

This one is for those who transmit voice content via IP (VoIP). Download Linphone and make video and audio calls being sure in your security. All data will be saved from the beginning of the call to its end. It is used open source protocol and engine allowing everybody to audit off-stage excluding fishy business. It is possible to send messages with textual content and pictures. We would say Linphone is probably the best open source communication app.


Noonlight - formerly SafeTrek Android app screenshot

Contacting somebody with the help of your mobile device, you cannot be quite sure in confidentiality. In addition, there is also a need in anti-theft protection which can be provided by SafeTrek. It makes your smartphone tracked. When you face some danger, you can launch the app pressing a correspondent button on the screen. If you do not enter a PIN when it requires, the app alerts local police with your GPS location. That’s a perfect defense which is able to save your life. It is free for a trial period lasting 30 days. Then you should pay a monthly price to use the app.


Prey Android app screenshot

Another app with familiar functionality is Prey. It is for phones which are lost. If you do not want someone finds your device and gets access to all content saved on it, you should download this software. Though, you are able to lock services and apps you choose with PIN on almost any modern devices. But if you want to find your device, download Prey suggesting you locate it. You can make your phone send alert messages and remove all content remotely. Some of the features are free, others should be paid for. Of course, you hardly return the thing, but you can be sure to protect the content stored on it.

Focusing on Security

There are so many threats for your mobile device that you should definitely think of its proper protection. Decide what kinds of danger are the most probable for you. Is it cyberattacking or theft? You can prevent both types of troubles installing a couple of applications tracking your device and preventing from access of thirds parts to the content. If you have plenty of data on your smartphone, such complex approach will be quite reasonable. Whether you misuse your device, lose it, or suffer from internal interference, do not forget about the list above with recommendations on protection. Mitigate risks connected with the confidentiality of your business or other activities and provide the reliable defense of the content stored at device.

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