Best Android Apps For Backup

When you work with files, you are expected to back them up because you can never predict failures which can cause loss of your data. There are a lot of ways to prevent such events and create a kind of reserve, if you use a mobile device operating on Android. Special backup apps are able to do it easily. You can find plenty of them, but we have done our best to select the most efficient ones in addition to Google’s native backup and cloud storage. Even if your mobile device is reliable and is able to prevent various lags, still you can drop your smartphone in a cup of tea, and it refuses to run. Thus, you should be sure to stay secure with your data stored in a safe place. 

How to choose a reliable backup? You should ensure that this online storage is well-protected. It should be regularly updated and capture as much data as you need. It goes without saying that it must be easily accessed at any moment you want to do it.

Right Backup

Right Backup android app screenshots

Number one in our list is Right Backup, being a stunning tool intended just for such a purpose. Save pictures, documents, music, and videos – any files you need to be sure in their availability regardless of any event. Its basic version is free, but you should pay for such premium features as backup space of up to 1 TB and ability to share files.

App backup by Buggy_Apps

App backup Android app screenshots

This is a nice and reliable backup app developed exactly for applications copying files to cloud or internal storage – choose what you prefer. You can install it without any problems. It allows to share APKs, check the date installed, package name, and version of the app. There are such options as auto-backup and Material Design which enhance user’s experience. Perhaps this app is not very powerful compared to root-only ones but it runs in a smooth manner being one of the best for needs of non-root users. 

Google Drive

Google Drive Android app screenshot

This app is very popular considering as the safest method to back up files of any formats. It allows to do it easily on any mobile device and desktop. Later you can access the saved content from anywhere and share a separate file or folder with anyone. Moreover, you are allowed to determine the level of accessibility, give permissions to view and edit documents. There are also free and chargeable features. You can use up to 15 GB for backup without paying a penny, and if you want to get 1 TB storage, you are expected to pay for it.

Google Photos

Google Photos Android app screenshot

Google Photos considered as cloud storage though there is a difference. It backs up videos and pictures for free, but it makes their quality worse warning a user about it. You can access stored photos via this app or website viewing them subject to availability of Internet connection. But you can refuse this decrease of quality and backup videos or photos as it is. In this case, they will take more space, and you will have to buy it in addition.

G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup Android app screenshot

In addition to backing up, it provides the highest level of security corresponding to SSL and 256-AES standards. You will enjoy such functionality as protection with a password and automatic synchronization subject to Wi-Fi. It is possible to backup files making just a tap. You are offered 10 GB for free, and you can buy 1 GB of storage space.

My Backup

My Backup Android app screenshot

It works with most types of content formats and performs a backup on OTG or SD card. It is possible to schedule automatic backups. Here you can restore the data only on the same device if you use a free app, but the premium version allows you to do it on several Android devices.

Easier Backup

Easier Backup Android app screenshot

The name speaks for itself. This app is extremely simple working offline and supporting for VFC. You can back up your contacts and export any content in a fast manner. It is available in 15 languages and supports Material Design. Well, if you need the only option which is performed perfectly, you are recommended to download this app.

Backup Your Mobile

Backup Your Mobile Android App screenshot

This app allows to backup files, SMS, contacts, bookmarks, Wi-Fi passwords, other software, and even system. You can adjust security to your preferences with settings. It is able to create several versions of backup. This is a nice solution for those, who do not need a multifunctional tool. Here you can enjoy a dark theme and save your battery’s charge.

Importance of Data Backup

Forget about data loss due to system crashes or failure of hard drive! Using one of the above applications, you will be able to avoid the problems of that kind. Moreover, you can need such opportunity to store the information for future tax reporting purposes and to archive messaging with investors, clients or suppliers. And you can save the documents or reports you often use and do not repeat the actions. Anyway, plenty of disasters with your data can be avoided when you have a backup. We hope that our list is comprehensive enough to suit every fancy.

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