Amazon Fire TV Remote App

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Amazon Fire TV Remote App review

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Molly Johnson

Amazon Fire TV Remote App review

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Control your Fire TV set-top box right from the screen of your mobile device. No need to constantly look for the remote, just turn on the application and change the channels as you wish.

Interface - 5/5

Amazon Fire TV Remote App has a nice dark blue color theme. A welcoming screen greets you with an offer to connect Fire TV devices. You are also asked to add your account to Amazon, this action will help you quickly find the device Fire TV or Stick. On the meeting screen, there is a tab that has answers to basic questions on how to install Fire TV, help on the operation of the Fire TV control panel, as well as basic information about the application version. The main screen of the application is an active menu with virtual buttons. Select tabs according to need and mood. The On Now tab allows you to see what is currently on air and choose your favorite broadcast: movies, sports, news, weather and much more. The recording tab allows you to view the recordings of air for a certain period of time and on a specific channel. You can make a video preview on your mobile device. The navigation screen is a surface with an active virtual joystick, which is controlled by finger movements. And also there is a settings tab where you can customize the application to fit your needs.

Features - 5/5

Free application that expands the capabilities of your Fire TV. It has simple navigation, keyboard for entering text in a search engine. Now you do not need to jump from channel to channel in search of something interesting. Also with the help of this virtual console you have access to your favorite games and applications.

In the Amazon Fire TV Remote App, in addition to text input, there is the possibility of voice input into the search bar. Simple and intuitive navigation without any difficulties. You can control the playback of the broadcast using the phone, stopping it at the moment you need and rewinding it back and forth as you wish. Include games and applications as quickly as possible.

Usability - 5/5

A good console to control the set-top box. Completely justifies all its functionality.

Compatibility - 5/5

Compatible with all devices based on Android, IOS and with the software of the set-top box Fire Android and Fire OS.


The application with good features, stable operation and interesting visual design. Allows you to control the set-top box without having to search for real control bullets. You can switch between videos, online broadcasts, favorite applications and games. Comfortable joystick for navigation and simple use with one finger. Enjoy watching programs without too much fuss.


  • Possibility to use the application on a mobile device instead of the control panel
  • Quick search and connect the necessary right on the phone


  • For the application to work correctly on your mobile device, the phone, the tablet must be connected to a stable signal of the wireless Internet
  • You must also have an infrared port on your mobile device, as well as a set-top box directly
  • There may be problems with the joystick control on devices with a small screen
  • There may be problems running the app on outdated versions of mobile device software

Interface 5

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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