10 best Android Utility Apps

The smart devices we own are capable of practically any and everything we can think of. From shopping online to checking our heart rates, these magical devices make life so much easier. But it isn't the device that holds all the magic. The apps that we use on the device are a bigger help than imaginable. Here are 10 utility apps for Android users that are a must-have.

AfterShip Package Tracker

Now you can track all your shipments with one useful and efficient app. The AfterShip Package Tracker app delivers accurate information on your package with support for over 370 couriers across the globe. You can get instant and real-time notifications on the go as well as a handy barcode scanner for instant tracking. You receive notifications from the time your package leaves till it arrives at your doorstep. You can even share the status of your shipment with anyone with just a tap.


With Applock, all your favorite apps are now perfectly protected with extremely secure passwords, fingerprints, or patterns. Keep WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and so much more locked away from the eyes of others. You can safely hide away images and videos as well. There are a number of beautiful themes to choose from as well to make your user experience even better. The app clicks a selfie of an intruder so that you know who is trying to break into your private folders. You can also block unwanted calls and texts through Applock.


If you travel a lot and make multiple stops at various gas stations, GasBuddy is the best Android app for you. Through it, you can search, find, and locate the closest and most convenient gas stations near you and on your route. You will never have to go off road again in search for fuel. With the app, you can even share real-time information about gas prices and the quality of it so customers after you are aware. But the biggest advantage the app brings is that it provides you with the most accurate pricing for each gas station so you can properly choose the best.

Google Assistant

Easily known as one of the best and most useful Android tools available, Google Assistant can literally do anything you ask. Whether you're looking to play your favorite music track or want to hire an UBER, just ask Google Assistant and it will be done in an instant. The app can also be used for quick jobs such as conversions, calculations, news searches, score updates, and much more. You can even set alarms and reminders to help you stay on time always.


IFTTT is like your very own personal assistant that lets you do whatever you want with just your voice. It is an all-in-one, super powerful tool for Android devices that helps you control other apps as well. The app is integrated into apps such as Google Drive, Twitter, Twitch, Gmail, Instagram, and more so when you save something in the app, it automatically gets saved in your cloud storage as well. Through the app, you can even control your smart home appliances such as lights, fans, and more.

LastPass Password Manager

Are you tired of remembering passwords for all your apps and accounts? Do you never want to use the “Forgot Password?” button again? Then you need the LastPass Password Manager on your device. It helps you store all your passwords securely in a single place where you never have to remember them again. All you need is a single password for LastPass Password Manager and that's it. The app automatically signs you into your accounts without you even having to remember the password for it. It is extremely secure and can be locked by using your fingerprint as well.

Solid Explorer

The Solid Explorer file manager is one of the best in the world currently and it delivers an exceptional performance and offers outstanding security as well. It brings superb customization and has unique color schemes and themes to choose from. With its useful drag and drop feature, you can quickly store files and documents. Your device will never get cluttered thanks to the cloud storage options such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Owncloud, Mediafire, and more. It is all-round useful managerial tool for your Android device.

Sleep As Android

For all those people who love sleeping, but feel they aren't getting the most out of their slumber, the Sleep As Android app is a must-have. It is ideal for monitoring the quality of your sleep by recording how much you move in bed. The app requires that the device be placed on the bed for best results though. It also supports Android Wear and S Health which makes it easier to record data. There is an alarm clock as well as you can record yourself talking in your sleep. It is a great way to track your sleeping patterns right on your mobile device.


Known as the most powerful tool available on Android, Tasker comes with a plethora of usability functions that make your life a lot easier. The app can be used for literally anything. If you're looking to pay your electricity bill, Tasker is on the job. If you want to book movie tickets, Tasker will get it done in no time. Even if you are looking for an address in a remote town, Tasker is your best guide. Although it takes a really long time to properly understand the apps true potential, Tasker is definitely the most powerful app available.

Wifi Analyzer

Basically a tool for reading WiFi strength, the Wifi Analyzer app is quite useful when it comes to connecting to uncongested servers. If you enjoy fast and quick internet, you can easily use the app to search for and connect to the most open and unclustered connections around you. It is also great for checking your WiFi connectivity strength and helping you better its performance. The biggest advantage the app holds is that it is absolutely free to use.

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